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Iconic Pools: The Olympic Swimming Complex at Prospekt Mira in Moscow

In 1979, the Olympic Swimming Complex at Prospekt Mira in Moscow opened its doors. The complex’s three indoor pools hosted the swimming and diving events at the Olympic games the following year. It was a fast pool: for the first time ever, Vladimir Salnikov clocked the 1.500m free under 15minutes! Many people will also well […]... Read More

The Moscow Renovation Program 2017: A call for behavioral administrative science

Most local authorities and government in the OECD world have withdrawn from housing activities over the last two decades. LADs in the UK have virtually stopped building new houses in the mid and late 1980ies facing a lack of funding from central government. In Germany local governments have been selling state-owned apartments and real estate […]... Read More

A New Bus Scheme for Moscow

Moscow introduced a new public bus system in early October. Muscovites will experience five new features: New buses. Newly bought cars in Mosgortrans corporate skyblue-color replace significant number of old vehicles. As far I have been observing mainly trolleybuses have been replaced. New routes: Several old routes covering the same main roads have been merged […]... Read More

No matter what’s your profession – let’s bike to work

“No matter what’s your profession- let’s bike to work” reads a bicycle drive approved by Moscow City Government I recognized in the metro yesterday. The poster indicates that there will be a kind of action day on 20th of May. The City Government of Moscow launched similar campaigns to boost the share bicycling in public […]... Read More
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LeCorbusier in Moscow

Public Administration is more or less about how to manage large organizations and to enable individuals within them to take effective decision. Or as Herbert A. Simon put it in the 4th ed. of his seminal book on Administrative Behavior: “Administrative behavior is generally upbeat about organizations (…) and particulary on the conditions that enable […]... Read More

Kitay-Gorod, Part II

The lower part of Kitay-Gorod situated next to Moscow River was a living area mainly for poor people. Floods were a frequent event. The first port could be found there. Two storey houses dominated, with shops in the first floor, and apartments in the 2nd one. Il’inka Street (ильинка ул.) was the place to negotiate […]... Read More
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Kitay-Gorod, Part I

Today, Anna Lapidus and Narina Dadayan from the Higher School of Economics delivered a splendid walking tour through one of the oldest parts of Moscow: Kitay-Gorod. Russia history is complex and multifaceted (too multifaceted for Google’s algorithms; typing Китай-город into Google Translate yields ‘China Town’ – a translation that is at least misleading. Kitay-Gorod has […]... Read More