The wow-effect

Having a swimming workout in Moscow’s  1980 Olympic Summer Games pool will yield the wow effect. Since then the pool has been open to the public.  Grab your medical certificate, slippers, swimming cap (you will not forget your googles, and trousers, won’t you), buy a ticket for 450 roubles (peak hours, early birds will catch […]... Read More

A star is born

Starting from today this blog has a additional category: Living a healthy lifestyle, or fitness and sport – probably both – in Moscow. The featured star of this introductory post is a pumkin-pizza with a rosmary-topping.  What suits celebrating a Sunday better than home-made pizza? Exactly! But it does not have to be a quattro formagio […]... Read More
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Kurz kommentiert: Bundestagswahl 2017, Teil 2

Das ist der zweite Teil meines gestrigen Vortrags zur Wahl des Deutschen Bundestags 2017 an der Higher School of Economics: (Teil 1: siehe unten) Allgemeine Schlussfolgerungen 1. Wahlumfragen verlieren immer mehr ihre Fähigkeit, Stimmungen und Meinungen in der Bevölkerung unverzerrt abzubilden. Das hat methodische Gründe. Und das hat politische Gründe. Meinungen, die von der Auffassung […]... Read More
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Kurz kommentiert: Bundestagswahl 2017

Dr. Julia Pasko, Associate Professor an der Higher School of Economics, hatte mich gestern Abend eingeladen, an Ihrem Deutsch-Klub teilzunehmen und die Bundestagswahl 2017 zu kommentieren. In ihrem Deutsch-Klub am Institut für Deutsch als Fremdsprache an der HSE treffen sich alle zwei Wochen Studenten und Dozenten der HSE, dem ebenfalls renommierten Institut für Internationale Beziehungen […]... Read More
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Herbst im Herbst, Sommer im Winter

Berlin, Germany’s capital, saw 20°C today, which I consider to summer season temperature. Climate change, if it exists, has not reached Moscow, Russian Federation’s capital, yet; a mere 7° C today. Plain autumn in mid-October. This post features some impressions:... Read More

Paris, go for it!

Paris will ban diesel-engine cars from its boulevards starting from 2024. And in 2030 all combustion-engine vehicles will follow in disappearing from the city’s streets, according to plans from Anne Hildalgo, the Frech capital’s mayor, that were reported across several newspapers today. Right you are! In an attempt to free les Patrigotes from toxic pollution Mrs […]... Read More
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In my classes I am talking a lot about goal ambiguity, multiplicity, and complexity. I am regulary asking my students to solve creativity tasks during my classes in order to deepen their understanding of issues and constraints in real adminstrative life.  Observing front-line professionals at work, such as train drivers, construction workers and engineers, is […]... Read More