The wow-effect

Having a swimming workout in Moscow’s  1980 Olympic Summer Games pool will yield the wow effect. Since then the pool has been open to the public. 

Grab your medical certificate, slippers, swimming cap (you will not forget your googles, and trousers, won’t you), buy a ticket for 450 roubles (peak hours, early birds will catch one for 350) and after mastering getting your locker room’s key you can enjoy a splendid 45 minutes session, either by circulating in the main  LCM pool, or by just sitting on the endless visitors’ benches.

As in almost any public pool in Moscow they have this somewhat weird 45 minutes session system, and in this pool they really stick to it. It proofs difficult to convince electronic turnstiles that they still own you 5 minutes. 

Anyways, who cares, just buy two tickets if you intend to finish three kilometres or more.

Given its prominence and central location next to Prospekt Mira Metro station (served both by the red and the inner circle line) the pool is heavily frequented. But its LCM dimension will still offer you sufficient space.

Nice psychological side-effect: at first glance you won’t believe it has 50 meter lanes, which is due to its high ceiling I think.

The pool hosts the annual National Russian championships and Moscow City championships in swimming.