Do it like Chupkov

Medaillienregen für die russische Mannschaft heute bei den European Championships in Glasgow im Schwimmbecken. Gold und Silber über die 100 Rücken für einen Weltklasse Kliment Kolesnikov (52,53!!!) und Jevgenij Rylov (52,77, mit Fragezeichen). Die Rückenkurzstrecke ist damit in Europa fest in russischer Hand. Edelmetall auf den Bruststrecken machen Grossbritannien und Russland unter sich aus. Adam […]... Read More

Construction Time again

Moscow is currently building its second, outer underground transportation belt line. Its first one opened in 1935, more than 8 decades ago. As its older sister, and its nephew, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) – a new above-the-surface railway circle line – the outer belt addresses a common Russian problem, namely that everything focuses on the […]... Read More
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Moscow State University at night

Moscow State University’s (MSU) main building, located at Sparrow Hills south of Moscow river, offers an exciting view both at day and night-time. Constructed from 1949 to 1953, it kept the record of being the tallest building in Europe until the 1980ies. And it is still the tallest higher education facility on the globe. A […]... Read More

Proactivity v muddling-through

In a post from in October last year (2017) I praised Paris city government’s plans to ban diesel-engine cars from entering the Paris capital. But in a blog post yesterday, 6 months later, in Feb 2018, I argue that imposing diesel bans to combat polluted air in German cities is neither a novel idea nor […]... Read More

Vote where it suits you most

On March 18, presidential elections will take place in Russia. Today, I saw a poster sticker in the metro. It reads (own translation): “Vote where it is convenient for you! Application takes less than 5 minutes. If on March 18 you will not be around your residential adress, or you are not registered at all, […]... Read More