Innovative Russian Civil Servants (Part 4 / 4)

This is the fourth and final part (4/4) of my Open Talk on innovative behavior and Russian Civil servants at Higher School of Economics (HSE) Day 2016 in Moscow’s Gorky Park. Hypothesis Testing I use this data and statistical techniques to study how motivation, job satisfaction, age, working experience relate to innovative and error-correcting behavior […]... Read More

Innovative Russian Civil Servants (Part 3 / 4)

This is the 3rd part (3/4) of my Open Talk on Innovation and Public Service Motivation that I delivered at HSE Day 2016, at 8th of September in Moscow’s Gorky Park (pictured above) Leningrad region Moscow is not Russia, people usually acknowledge. What is the broader picture, beyond the capital? In spring this year I […]... Read More

Innovative Russian Civil Servants (Part 2 / 4)

This is the 2nd part (2/4) of my Open Talk on Innovation and Public Service Motivation that I delivered at HSE Day 2016, at 8th of September in Moscow’s Gorky Park. Мосгорпарк The job of any public administration is to do something: The job of Мосгорпарк is to run and maintain the parks and recreational […]... Read More

Innovative Russian Civil Servants (Part 1 / 4)

On September 8, 2016 Higher School of Economics celebrated annual HSE Day in Moscow’s Gorky Park. I delivered an Open Talk on the relationship between Innovation and Public Service Motivation. Here is the first of four parts (1/4) of what I said: Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen Thank you very much for your interest in […]... Read More
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Co-production and Innovation in Service Delivery

If there was a buzzword these days in Budapest – apart from ‘innovation’ – it was co-production. Co-production is everywhere – it is day one of the IRSPM conference on Public Service Innovation and the Delivery of Effective Services, which took part 15-16 October at the National University of Public Service (pictured, the afternoon before […]... Read More

When and why public administration innovates (pt. 2)

(Featured photo: Alexandra Selivanova //  Селиванова Александра Владимировна) This is part II of a talk that I delivered at HSE Open Day 2015 at Moscow’s Gorky Park on Sept 9: In my last post I gave some anectoal evidence on public sector innovation from the OECD-world. But what is the empirical evidence – what drives […]... Read More