Proactivity v muddling-through

In a post from in October last year (2017) I praised Paris city government’s plans to ban diesel-engine cars from entering the Paris capital. But in a blog post yesterday, 6 months later, in Feb 2018, I argue that imposing diesel bans to combat polluted air in German cities is neither a novel idea nor […]... Read More

Vote where it suits you most

On March 18, presidential elections will take place in Russia. Today, I saw a poster sticker in the metro. It reads (own translation): “Vote where it is convenient for you! Application takes less than 5 minutes. If on March 18 you will not be around your residential adress, or you are not registered at all, […]... Read More
Volkswagen Passat Variant syncro

City bans on diesel-engine cars – is this a public sector innovation?

Features picture: Volkswagen Passat Variant syncro. Source: Volkswagen Media Services. The German federal administrative court today ruled that municipalities in Germany may impose bans on diesel-powered cars to combat polluted air. City bans on diesel-engine cars – is this a public sector innovation? In a public management context an innovation is a novel and useful […]... Read More

A not-well-written book

You know an inspiring book from page one onwards. Ryan and Deci’s recent and in fact comprehensive book on Self Determination Theory is an inspiring one. Or Dan Ariel’s one about all his and his many co-authors experimental evidence about people tend to cheat and why they do. I also expected Allen France’s recently published […]... Read More

Size doesn’t matter

Brandenburg, a German state surrounding the countries capital Berlin, scrapped its planned local government reform last week. In an attempt to modernize the state’s local administration the planned reform centered on a commonly cited but outdated receipt: downsizing of staff size through merger of administrative units. Economies of scale is the economic rational behind this […]... Read More

Welcome to the new New Square

After some felt three years of stop-amd-go renovation the New Square (новая площадь) in Moscows city center shows up with his new fresh face (pictured below). Plenty of new space for pedestrians, including bench to take a rest and a look on another pending renovation side: the technical museum, which is located in the middle […]... Read More

Vergangenheitskultur and 100 years of October Revolution

Two prime time serials on Russias Channel One are indicative of the countries official Vergangenheitskultur regarding the October revolution which happened exactly 100 years ago. Perception of the back then Red Russian revolution is ambivalent in contemporary Moscow. On the one hand some selected protagonists, such as of course Lenin,  are omnipresent: Leninskiy avenue, Lenin library, Lenin […]... Read More