Four Russian words you won’t need on Mos.ru

вас тут не стояло – Your name is not on my list. A poster from Moscow’s e-government campaign. It further reads Забудтье эти слова на mos.ru. Сервис без очередей = Forget these words on mos.ru (Moscow’s e-government and knowledge hub). Service without queues.... Read More
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Dirty road politics, or another strategic challenge for German policy makers

4. Vehicle-induced air pollution: The fourth challenge to contemporary policy makers in Germany justifies and deserves its own post: Eyerbody knows Dieselgate, but outside Germany little is known about the Rastatt incident. Both are essential linked together by demonstrating regulatory failure (the former) and complete ignorance of promoting sustainable public transportation (the latter) by federal government […]... Read More
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City Lights

Below a nice illumination of flower beds in Moscow. It will get even more cosy in winter when they illuminate the nomerous small scale christmas trees. This is a nice one in a public park: KA is for Мойка. A Мойка is a place to get your car a shower. City lights in early evening […]... Read More

A fresh look and a lot of dust for Lubyanka square

This snapshot is symptomatic for Moscow in current days. Construction sites whereever you take a look. This is Lubyanka square where street lanes are being reconstructed. Pedestrians will get more space, motorvehicle based traffic is more hedged than previously. I appreciate this city planning approach.  Makes the city a tad more safe, and a more […]... Read More