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Sviyazhsk: The prefabricate fortress

The prefabricate house was invented in Russia. In 1550 Tsar Ivan the fourth, better known as Ivan the Terrible, repeatedly tried to conquer the City of Kazan, which was maintained by the Tatars at that time. Three times he failed, to do better this time he selected and designated Sviyazhsk (Свияжск), a small village some […]... Read More

The Moscow Renovation Program 2017: A call for behavioral administrative science

Most local authorities and government in the OECD world have withdrawn from housing activities over the last two decades. LADs in the UK have virtually stopped building new houses in the mid and late 1980ies facing a lack of funding from central government. In Germany local governments have been selling state-owned apartments and real estate […]... Read More
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Kazan: Tatarstan, founded 1005

I learned to judge only on things that I have seen with own eyes. What can I say about Kazan? The reason for coming there was the 25th NISPACee annual conference, that is, the annual meeting of academics doing research on public administration in Central and Eastern Europe. I will say something about the new […]... Read More


In recent weeks and months I received a number of innvitations to connect on LinkedIn, a business-social network. However, I can neither accept nor visit the profiles of all these persons. Access to the LinkedIn website from Russian based IPs has been blocked for six months or so by government agencies responsible, seemingly due to […]... Read More