III. International students’ conference “Welt und Wissenschaft” 2017

Tempted by the opportunity to present your research in German? If so you might pay attention to our upcoming event at Higher School of Economics: III. International students’ conference “Welt und Wissenschaft” 2017 Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation 19th of April 2017 For the third time we will organize this one-day scientific event […]... Read More
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Co-production and Innovation in Service Delivery

If there was a buzzword these days in Budapest – apart from ‘innovation’ – it was co-production. Co-production is everywhere – it is day one of the IRSPM conference on Public Service Innovation and the Delivery of Effective Services, which took part 15-16 October at the National University of Public Service (pictured, the afternoon before […]... Read More
Nizhny_Whatisnewineconometrics_2 Nizhny_Whatisnewineconometrics_1

What’s new in econometrics? (Part 2)

Day two of the 2nd International conference on Modern Econometric Tools and Application at the Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod. Mikhail Zitlukhin from Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow addresses a question which is relevant for any actor in the financial market: How to invest money optimally? The common approach is to compare scores […]... Read More

What’s new in econometrics?

The 2nd International Conference on Modern Econometric Tools and Applications (EC2015) is currently taking place at the Higher School of Economic Campus in Nizhny Novgorod (pictured), some 500km east of Moscow. Svetlana Bryzgalova from Stanford University presented a quite impressive and sophisticated approach to estimate the consumption risks both of bonds and stocks. Dean Fantazzini […]... Read More