An optimal staff size for public sport agencies

11th Public Administration Discussion Meeting: Ilya Akishin

“How to determine the optimal staff size for public sport agencies: A methodology and its application to Russia

National Research University Higher School of Economics: School of Public Administration

You are kindly invited to the upcoming Public Administration Discussion Meeting, which will take place in room 228, 20 Myasnitskaya ul., on Monday, 20th of March, 15:10.

At the meeting we will welcome Ilya Akishin, who will present insights from his work on the staff size of public sport agencies in Russia. Ilya is Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Administration and Governance / Center of Regional Programmes for Public Administration Improvement at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Society has a stake in healthy citizens; accordingly public sport agencies administer a wide range of sport and recreation services (SRS), and health enhancing physical activities (HEPA). In Russia regions and municipalities are responsible for sports-for-all policy. In his talk Ilya will present a new practice-oriented instrument to determine an optimal staff size for regional and local sport agencies. The methodology was developed for the Russian Federal Ministry of sport. Using individual level working time data from 21 Russian regions Ilya will demonstrate that a relevant number of public sport agencies in Russia do not have enough staff for fulfilling their functions efficiently.