Bohemian Rhapsody

The Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague excellently hosted the 27th NISPACee Annual conference 2019 last week (May 23-26). NISPCee is the association of Public Administration scholars in Central and Eastern Europe.

Prague is a city of a thousand spires.

Vltava embarkment
View from Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Three out of a thousand spires
Prague’s television tower (upper left)

Prague is a tram city. The public transportation system is well-developed both above and below the surface. On the ground tram lines are criss-crossing all over the city, without being stuck in traffic jams; they are part of the city’s urban culture.

Below the ground Prague offers a nice metro system consiting of three lines. Built in the late 1960s and 1970s stations look similar to Moscow’s stations constructed at that time (e.g. Yasenovo or Konkovo at the orange line southbound).

Museum Metro Station (self-explaining)
Entrance to the red metro line (the C line)