Industrial policy, back then

Commuting on Moscow’s metro can be so educative. This morning I stumbled into into a retro-style wagon honouring the Red Flash. The Red Flash was the back then young Soviet union’s first and thus prestigious bullet speed train connecting two capitals, Leningrad (aka St. Petersburg, the former capital during prerevolutionary times), and Moscow (the incumbent […]... Read More

12m v 4m

German federal government sponsors the questionable rebuilding of a military church in Potsdam’s city center with 12m euros. Simultaneously the same city’s local government fails to get a 4m federal funding for a dozen of social projects, including three community centers. 12m v 4m. Potsdam is among the most beautiful cities in Germany; beyond or […]... Read More
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Dirty road politics, or another strategic challenge for German policy makers

4. Vehicle-induced air pollution: The fourth challenge to contemporary policy makers in Germany justifies and deserves its own post: Eyerbody knows Dieselgate, but outside Germany little is known about the Rastatt incident. Both are essential linked together by demonstrating regulatory failure (the former) and complete ignorance of promoting sustainable public transportation (the latter) by federal government […]... Read More