Москва изобретает

Moscow will celebrate its 870th anniversary from 1-10 September. An outdoor exhibition at Clean ponds metro station displays wonderful photos from the 1930ies to 1970ies. The exhibition is entitled ‘Moscow is inventing’ (Москва изобретает). Watching these wonderful photos really made me proud of being a guest in this marvellous and exciting city. Heading back to […]... Read More

Construction time

At times Moscow is a large construction site. You will hardly find a major crossroad, metro station exit, or city center side-street which does not experience a major renovation. You will have to watch your step even more carefully when hastling to office right now, but Moscow will look brighter in 2018 for sure. Moscovites […]... Read More
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What time is it?

Did you know that Russia, in contrast to China, spreads across several time zones? When it is 11a.m. in Moscow it is +3 hrs, i.e., 2p.m. in Taschkent, and +9 hrs. in Petropavlovsk. (Yes, I know, Taschkent does not belong to Russia anymore; but it illustrates the story so well.) Pictured above: Insightful world time […]... Read More

Celebrating 6 years fighting red tape

Seen on the streets of Moscow today the poster pictured above celebrates the 6th anniversary of Moscow’s My Documents campaign. My documents is essentially a synonym for one-stop agencies in the cities districts and boroughs. Behind the scenes additional administrative reforms are going on. The poster reads “6 years of victory over bureaucracy”, “Moscow’s uniform […]... Read More

Best Teacher 2017 Award

Three weeks ago students of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics elected me a Best Teacher 2017 at the Higher School of Economics in the annual Best Teachers competition. Thank you! This is a great honor for me as well as a strong motivation to continuously improve my teaching. Following […]... Read More