Vote where it suits you most

On March 18, presidential elections will take place in Russia.

Today, I saw a poster sticker in the metro. It reads (own translation): „Vote where it is convenient for you! Application takes less than 5 minutes.

If on March 18 you will not be around your residential adress, or you are not registered at all, cast you vote at any voting station that is convenient to you.

To do so, pick the voting station of your choice a fill the required application form. This will take less than 5 minutes.

Filled application forms can be submitted until March, 12 at:

1. the website gosuslugi.ru

2. At any office of МФЦ.“

(Own translation). My comment: Opting for any polling station across the country one week before voting day is a nice example of the merits of e-government.