Germany’s Handelsblatt forecasts „Socialism 2.0“ 

Unless there are ugly and silly things to report (economic turnturn, election fraud, etc.) German mainstream media routinely tends to ignore any information about Russia at all. Reporting is biased towards unethical behaviors and perceived negative deviations from Continental European moral standards. Handelsblatt, HB, a reputable daily business newspaper, now breaks the ice, reporting that Russias economy will growth a mere 1.5 per cent; not brilliant, but better than nothing, as HB put it. German companies hibernated the EU’s sanctions; exports from Germany have increased by 26.3 per cent (to 12.7 bn Euro) in the 1nd and 2nd quarter of 2017. HB forecasts more social policy spending ahead of the 2018 presidential elections; but predicts an ongoing lack of structural reforms. As the essential problem they identify the lack of a clear strategy in economic policy making. I only wonder why the author uses the term Socialism 2.0 to describe Russias economic policy outlook.

Reference: Matthias Brüggemann, Handelsblatt, 11.09.2017, „Sozialismus 2.0“, page 12

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