Paris, go for it!

Paris will ban diesel-engine cars from its boulevards starting from 2024. And in 2030 all combustion-engine vehicles will follow in disappearing from the city’s streets, according to plans from Anne Hildalgo, the Frech capital’s mayor, that were reported across several newspapers today.

Right you are! In an attempt to free les Patrigotes from toxic pollution Mrs Hildalgo reportedly focus on three measures: public transportation, e-cars and bicycle-renting stations across the city. 

This bold approach should become a role model for the about 80 German cities, such as Stuttgart, Munich or Düsseldorf, facing the same issue; several of them are expected to see car bans ruled by local administration court following continuous  exceeding of EU limits on particulate pollution.

Moscow’s city administration might be interested in peer learning from Paris as well, at least Paris’ notable approach is highly appreciated by the author. (In fact environmental and cultural constraints for administrative action slightly vary between the Russian and the French case; but this will be a topic in one of my upcoming modern public management classes at the Higher School of Economics)

A capital worth having a walk in: Paris, go for it!

Hacked off from a jam-packed campus environment? Do it the Paris way. Peak hour congestion next to the Higher School of Economics