Germany’s Handelsblatt forecasts “Socialism 2.0” 

Unless there are ugly and silly things to report (economic turnturn, election fraud, etc.) German mainstream media routinely tends to ignore any information about Russia at all. Reporting is biased towards unethical behaviors and perceived negative deviations from Continental European moral standards. Handelsblatt, HB, a reputable daily business newspaper, now breaks the ice, reporting that […]... Read More

Take your choice, folks

Moscovites will choose their local representatives soon, local election are scheduled for September 10. Pictured below is a campaigning poster from political party Яаблоко, Apple, for вернадский district in the southwest of Moscow, one of the 120 administrative districts in the capital.... Read More

On the 9

Moscow’s Трубная metro station hosts a pitoresque mural of middle-age Moscow. On the 9, 9 is for line no. Nine, the gray line, and simply refers to Jennifer Lopez’ longplayer in the late 90ies or early 2000ies, on the six (th line, in New York).... Read More