On doping and personnel management

Yesterday (2017-03-20) Ilya Akishin delivered an interesting talk at HSE’ School of Public Administration monthly Discussion meeting. Ilya is Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Administration and Governance / Center of Regional Programmes for Public Administration Improvement at the National Research University Higher School of Economics. https://ipag.hse.ru/en/ Ilya is not only a good researcher […]... Read More
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New working paper on sports-for-all policy

Last week I published a new working paper on public sport agencies. To live a healthy lifestyle the World Health Organization recommends 30 minutes daily practice of sports five times a week. This ambitious recommendation comes along with the fact that developed countries in Northern America and Europe but also emerging economies like China are […]... Read More

An optimal staff size for public sport agencies

11th Public Administration Discussion Meeting: Ilya Akishin “How to determine the optimal staff size for public sport agencies: A methodology and its application to Russia” National Research University Higher School of Economics: School of Public Administration You are kindly invited to the upcoming Public Administration Discussion Meeting, which will take place in room 228, 20 […]... Read More