Rock im Pool

Erster Tag im Becken bei den 18. FINA Weltmeisterschaften im südkoreanischen Gwangju. Bei 3:40,07 liegt der 400m Freistil Weltrekord von Paul Biedermann. Den hat Sun Yang nicht geknackt. Aber 3:42,44 ohne Ganzkörperanzug sind der 1. Platz! Das Finale ohne russische Beteiligung, aber mit 2 Chinesen, 2 Italienern, und 2 Australiern. China und Japan zeigen beide […]... Read More
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Where Russian poetry meets Japanese literature: Excursion to Moscow’s library of foreign literature

Within 20 minutes walking distance from HSE main campus Russian poetry meets Japanese literature – as well as German, French and Spanish literary works. We are entering Moscow’s library for foreign literature (LIBFL). The excursion was part of the research seminar for public administration undergraduates at the Higher School of Economics that Valeriya Utkina teaches […]... Read More
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Bohemian Rhapsody

The Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague excellently hosted the 27th NISPACee Annual conference 2019 last week (May 23-26). NISPCee is the association of Public Administration scholars in Central and Eastern Europe. Prague is a city of a thousand spires. Prague is a tram city. The public transportation system is well-developed both above […]... Read More

Chris Miller, 2016. The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy: Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the USSR

Chris Miller, 2016. The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy: Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the USSR, The University of North Carolina Press: Chapel Hill, 914 pages (ebook), about 19.00 EUR. Chris Miller depicts the last years of the Soviet Union as a story of capture and interest groups opposing economic reform. The main […]... Read More

New law on registration raises rental fees in Moscow

Since 2018 federal legislation requires residents in Moscow, and probably whole Russia to register at the address of living, i.e. their rented apartment. Previously, say, a foreign high qualified specialist was simply registered at her working address, i.e. the office building of her employer. The purpose was to address wide-spread tax evasion in the real […]... Read More

Jahresausklang in St. Petersburg

Chaostage im Deutschen Schwimmverband (DSV): Keine Präsidentin, kein Cheftrainer, offensichtlich kein Konzept. Sarah Köhler, Franziska Hentke und Florian Wellbrock machen das Beste draus. Sie sind zum Jahresabschluss noch mal zum Kurzbahn (25m) Salnikov-Cup nach St. Petersburg gefahren und haben viel Edelmetall geholt. Sarah Köhler mit Doppel-Gold über die 800m und die 400m Freistil. Florian Wellbrock […]... Read More